Bottlecap Mountain
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    from Austin, Tex's

  • Bottlecap

    Artisanal Rock & Roll

  • Bottlecap

    More hooks than daddy's tackle box


July 30 at Neighbors Kitchen and Yard Free. 7-11pm.

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  • Fib Factory

    Our new record, Fib Factory, is available digitally EVERYWHERE.

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  • Kool

    The lead-off single to our upcoming record, Fib Factory, is available digitally EVERYWHERE.

    This song is called Kool


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  • Fuck You

    Our new single, Fuck You (and it's associated b-side Route 666, is available digitally EVERYWHERE.

    This song is called Fuck You


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  • Available everywhere!

    "What awaits you over the course of its 40 minutes is the spiritual core of Neil Young’s Crazy Horse persona, the swagger and sneer of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, and everything you ever loved about the Uncle Tupelo / Wilco / Son Volt Alt-Country triumvirate." - There Once Was a Note

    "Dismayland is a fine fine listen. A step away from those never ending love songs. Wonderfully unconstricted, these are ten songs to sing along and toe tap to." - I Don't Hear A Single

    This song is called Metamorphosis


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  • Our third album is available on iTunes and everywhere.

    This song is called Villains


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  • Our second album is Better Luck and it is available NOW on iTunes.

    This song is called Pull the Pull


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  • Our first album was Cheer Up

    This song is called Leave You For Dead.

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Seen your video.


We are nice people.

Stewart Gersmann

Guitar, Lead Vocals, Songwriter

Chris Stangland


Yvonne Love

Keyboards, Backing Vocals


"Jangly, literary indie comfortably situated between Yo La Tengo and The Decemberists." - OVRLD

"My main take on the album is the strength of the song writing. It is big sounding and beautifully produced, but the lyrics are loud and clear. Those and the killer riffs make this a pleasure to listen to. A band at the top of their game! Highly Recommended." - I Don't Hear a Single

We love you.

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