July 22 - Rusty Mule

6:30 - 9:30
A whole night of music, food, and drinks at this Hill Country gem.


Our new album is Better Luck and it is available NOW on iTunes.

This song is called Pull the Pull.

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Our first album was Cheer Up

This song is called My Disease.

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We are nice people.

Stewart Gersmann

It's Stewart's band. He sings and plays guitar, and wrote most of the songs. He's a sagittarius.

Yvonne Love

Yvonne sings tickles keys, sings harmony, cracks wise, and rhapsodizes about spreadsheets. Really.

Ray Flynt

Ray is the drummer. The drummist. The drummiest. Claire Danes is in talks to play him in the movie.

Chris Stangland

Chris plays bass and is unquestionably the tallest member of the band.

We love you.

We'd like to play music for your venue, event, commercial, private party, intervention, wake, political rally, festival, television show, video game, or major motion picture. Get in touch!